The Leaf Online recently had an article presenting the benefits of ibogaine as an addiction interrupter and compares it to another schedule 1 substance, marijuana.

There is also a hopeful commentary on the marijuana industry possibly being powerful ally in the iboga/ibogaine movement. The articles states that the “ibogaine business” could be a good investment for marijuana industry businesses.

The article mentions the potential of ibogaine from 4-8 milligrams which is an extremely small micro dose to have a positive effect on Parkinson’s disease, it does not cite the data used though.

Ibogaine treatment for physical, mental and spiritual ailments is growing a rapid pace. This means more providers of the medicine will be needed, but I don’t think a marijuana company moving their money around via an ibogaine clinic is the approach that should be taken.

Groups like
GITA are creating a best practices  model for the ibogaine clinics of the future.

Read below for a link to the full article, below is an excerpt

Powerful treatment for addiction, ibogaine, banned in US

State legislators, medical marijuana patients, doctors and adult cannabis consumers have been stymied in many ways by the federal listing of cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance. However, cannabis is not unique in that regard.

For example, another powerful medicine plant, the iboga shrub, is likewise banned from medical use. What makes iboga a special case is that its major medical value has been as an effective treatment for addiction to alcohol and hard drugs.

Once again, the Drug War that is supposed to prevent addiction is used instead to withhold treatment from those who most need it.

Marijuana reformers know all too well the hypocrisy of the US Drug War. Since pot activist Jack Herer first began touring the country promoting consciousness of hemp for food, fuel and fiber, people have been talking about the Ibogaine cure for addiction. About the same time the creator of Smoke-in, Howard Lotsof, had a unique response to Nancy Reagan‘s blaming marijuana for hard drug addictions: Treat addicts using ibogaine.

“If we couldn’t get the government to go along with a coffee shop scheme, like the Netherlands, ibogaine was the next best way to keep crystal meth and heroin from taking over the pot scene,” recalled New York City activist Dana Beal. “Ibogaine was found to knock out withdrawal, and eliminate 98% of craving for opiates in 48 hours. And ibogaine was smart: It allows us to detoxify addicts one drug problem at a time, which is the only way you can ever do it.”

Ibogaine is naturally sourced from a number plants, most famously tabernanthe iboga. It is a nerve growth agent, expressing the endogenous neurotrophin, Glia-Derived Neurotrophic Factor which regenerates dopamine neurons desensitized by drugs like crystal meth and alcohol.

“People die every year from methadone cold turkey in midwestern jails which refuse it to prisoners. On the other hand, GDNF is the body’s own peptide for re-sprouting frazzled dopamine dendrites and trashed-out receptors,” noted Beal. “You make plenty of it in the womb — your kidneys won’t form without GDNF to orchestrate adrenal gland formation) but not enough as an adult to spring back from chronic receptor desensitization due to alcohol and drugs (which is experienced as craving).”