Obvious Rehab Center Advocate Psuedo Scientific Scare Peice

Here is one of the typical scare pieces from a site called Addiction Now. It is an obvious content site looking to generate in patient rehab leads from drug detox facilities. The article speaks of science in different areas of the article, but in the first sentence we get a “although some have said…”
DEA meme
Of course we get the DEA shoutout that it is placed on schedule 1 for it’s high abuse potential and having no medical use. I think it is pretty well known by now that the DEA does not look out for our own interests and their method for determining what has medicinal value is flawed. Anyone that has ever taken iboga or ibogaine knows full well that there is 0 chance of getting addicted to the stuff, it is the exact opposite of what addiction is. Ibogaine can be used to treat any sort of addiction whether it is drugs, porn, stealing. My good friend was able to stop a massively destructive gambling habit.

Later in the final piece of the article it refers to other systems that can be used to combat withdrawal. Actually ibogaine is the only known thing on this planet which actually stops or lessens the actual withdrawal symptoms for an opiate addict.
If the rehab companies would join rather than become divisive with a tool such as ibogaine, maybe more people that need it would have access to the medicine. I would love to see more rehabs that works the 12 step method open up to ibogaine.

Although some have said that the hallucinogen ibogaine can combat opioid addiction, there are many serious side effects including increased risk of potentially fatal heart conditions, psychological complications, and even death.

A 2016 study published in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology, analyzed a “40-year-old man who used ibogaine for symptoms of heroin withdrawal,” and “suffered acute cardiac arrest leading to cerebral edema and brain death.”

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid that’s derived from the iboga root found in West Africa. The drug is currently classified as a Schedule I Drug by the DEA for its high potential for abuse and having no medical use.Ibogaine’s risks outweigh its benefits

It’s difficult to determine ibogaine’s effectiveness during drug detoxification because of the lack of research, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Some current studies provide evidence of the treatment’s positive effects. However, the effectiveness is typically reported by participants, which should not be considered as objective data. Through clinical trials, ibogaine could show its safety and efficacy. But more expansive clinical trials could also reinforce its serious side effects negating its positive, anecdotal findings.

Ibogaine treatment should never be considered without medical supervision, and a thorough medical evaluation should be conducted prior to any consideration. This will ensure control over potential risks from existing conditions, heart problems, other medications and mental health issues.

As it stands, with all the conducted research on ibogaine gathered for review, it becomes apparent that the documented risks of the drug outweigh the benefits in most cases. There are many more methods used against withdrawal, and many are backed with objective clinical data.


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