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National Geographic Report On Zebrafish Opiate Addiction Studies

National Geographic recently had an interesting article about how scientists were using Zebrafish in order to study the addiction to drugs, specifically opiates. I like that Randall Peterson in the article states that they are looking for drug treatments that do not use an opioid replacement therapy like Suboxone or Methadone. I can honestly say [...]

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Rolling Stone Talks Iboga In “The Psychedelic Miracle”

Rolling Stone recently had a very in depth article about psychedelic treatment with a good amount of info on iboga and ibogaine. The article mentions the underground treatment provider ecosystem and the perspective that some of the researchers and doctors have of the movement. One doctor mentions he knows a lot of underground ibogaine providers [...]

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Brazilian Ibogaine Researcher, Treating Crack Addiction With Ibogaine Interview

Interesting interview segment with a Brazilian Iboga researcher Bruno Rasmussen. The article is translated into English. The Sao Paulo government is actively investigating the anti addiction properties of ibogaine over 1,200 treatments in Sao Paul have been performed to date. Dr. Rasmussen has been involved in a lot of these treatments. He goes on to speak about [...]

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The University News – Treating Mental Illness with Psychedelics

The University News recently posted an article exploring the use of psychedelics such as ibogaine in treating mental illness. From the experience of the author; iboga provider Levi Barker "in cases of severe PTSD, OCD & addictions there is no other treatment method that has consistent results based improvements in the lives of the people [...]

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Marijuana Industry, a friend of ibogaine?

The Leaf Online recently had an article presenting the benefits of ibogaine as an addiction interrupter and compares it to another schedule 1 substance, marijuana. There is also a hopeful commentary on the marijuana industry possibly being powerful ally in the iboga/ibogaine movement. The articles states that the "ibogaine business" could be a good investment [...]

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Ibogaine: Powerful Plant Based Medicine to Beat Addiction

New article from a new site www.collective-evolution.com which has some good content they are putting out in the areas of transformation and consciousness. In the article there is some solid information on the how and why of how ibogaine works. There is also a link to a ICEERS pdf document which have some case studies on ibogaine [...]

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Ancient Iboga Plant Expands Consciousness & Cleans The Body

Interesting article that originally in a Greek language news source. The spread and use of iboga and ibogaine across countries and cultures shows that these medicines help with all the "human stuff" that we all go through regardless of culture, location or upbringing. The author of this article speak to being able to rebuild their neurological [...]

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