Interesting article that originally in a Greek language news source. The spread and use of iboga and ibogaine across countries and cultures shows that these medicines help with all the “human stuff” that we all go through regardless of culture, location or upbringing. The author of this article speak to being able to rebuild their neurological pathways that have contributed greatly to the quality of their life. This is consistent to what I have seen with the people who have improved their life with the help of iboga. Interesting article from our Greek friends who are spreading the word of this life tool.

3 αρχαία βότανα που αυξάνουν τη συνείδηση και επεκτείνουν την επίγνωση σαςWhile you can find high quality Reishi and Gotu Kola local store health food store, you’ll need to go a little more distant journey to find the Iboga, which is a good thing because it is not a plant that is not taken seriously into account or haphazardly. Widely considered  the most powerful teacher plant- which we know that with a full dose  can send you to fantastic places full disconnection from normal reality for about 7-8 hours or more and the experience itself lasts for days . Metabolites Iboga have extremely long half-life, meaning that it can make months leave the body completely. While you will not be in an altered state of consciousness for longer than a few days,

The Iboga is a rare and hard to find plant, is a proverbial ability to pass you to other worlds, both figuratively and literally in many indigenous cultures in sub-Saharan Africa. However there are several treatment centers worldwide which offer guided ceremonies Iboga for the adventurous. And you need a guide if you decide to look for the plant because “neutralizing” in your peak experience after literally restores the brain and rewires consciousness at the deepest levels.

Of interest, the plant has been studied well enough in scientific terms because of the promise of emerging as a treatment for addiction to drugs and findings indicate exactly why and how  it changes the power of consciousness . Almost without exception, a good dose of Iboga affects almost every path and restores the brain system probably our most significant NMDA receptors. The channels of NMDA receptors is a key areas of the brain which supply the ‘climate control’ bio-psychological and psychological responses to various experiences (and fats) in life and it is believed by researchers that large part of the mechanism that gives us the ability to form documentation standards and concepts that allow us to have experiences of consciousness in physical form.

Although not fully understood, it is vital to the experience of our consciousness -as most anesthetic drugs targeting this brain region and reduce the activity that causes us essentially to lose consciousness to varying degrees.

To put it in plain language, the Iboga is a potent antagonist of the NMDA receptor, which basically means that restores or rewires this area of the brain and causes long nerve changes in this and other critical areas. As I experienced, the Iboga removed a large part of the previous “air conditioning” which I gather all my life-literally deleted much of the negative emotional configuration, the metaphor of the “writing on the blackboard of my mind” leaving me with a ‘ clean record ‘with which  I was able to rebuild a new neurological pathways and positive emotions through confirmed life habits and actions that have improved greatly not only the quality of my life,

As a result of the action of the NMDA and many other neurological effects, to also Iboga  re-sensitizes important neurotransmitter receptors and binding sites throughout the body and mind and working to bring their total balance back to harmony through emotional reactions which stimulate the environment.

On a more spiritual level similar to the DMT and Ayahuasca, you eject a widespread awareness situation which is difficult to be described precisely: the  opening of consciousness and perception in the deeper layers of the true nature of reality , whatever.

Speaking from experience, for me, there was life before the Iboga and a life after Iboga. H life after Iboga significantly includes the feeling of “rebirth,” a deeper relationship with my own spiritual nature and origin of significantly increased intuitive awareness and the ability to interact empathically with others and my environment, a marked increase in mental and interpersonal ability and skill to feel and perceive energies in all forms with much more detail.

While these may seem like anecdotal evidence, and to some extent, the plant has been used by shamans for thousands of years and these experiences are extremely common. Like any other senior “teacher” plants (Peyote, Ayahuasca, etc.)  Acts as a potent enhancer of consciousness and door to aspects of reality beyond our everyday perception . Although it should be taken of the experience provided by Iboga rarely and with great reverence and prudence are so deep that they can not help in any other way but to change the consciousness permanently, in any other way than by simply extending the experience us about reality in deeper ways.

The brain, the body and the nervous system is bio-physiologically programmed to record and incorporate unusually intense or important events and Iboga is both, meaning that the experience will be unforgettable. As a ‘result not taken seriously into consideration, although it is relatively safe when approached with the necessary precautions and can be a great accelerator of our conscious evolution in many ways. But never forget that you need for the journey to higher consciousness levels is already within you and these herbs and plants are simply tools to help you access what you already own and not the means by which will be achieved your enlightenment.