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The Bwiti

Levi who started this site & some of the future contributors are Bwiti initiates. We love & live the Bwiti practices & knowledge. We will share how to Bwiti has affected our own lives & why we strongly recommend the Bwiti tradition for those looking for a serious change.


Many of us come looking to iboga(ine) as a tool to break an addiction. Let me tell you there is no better tool on this planet & it’s  as close to a miracle as you can get. Success rates come down to the set and setting when working with the medicine & the harder part of how to deal with life after your treatment.

Brazilian Ibogaine Researcher, Treating Crack Addiction With Ibogaine Interview

August 13th, 2017|Categories: addiction|Tags: |

Interesting interview segment with a Brazilian Iboga researcher Bruno Rasmussen. The article is translated into English. The Sao Paulo government is actively investigating the anti addiction properties of ibogaine over 1,200 treatments in Sao Paul have been [...]

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There is mostly 2 types of ways for people to go and take the medicine outside of their own home setting with a site. 1 is a medical ibogaine clinic where a medical staff is present and the setting is clinical.

The other type of environment is a retreat setting in which a ceremonial setting is present and mostly cater to those looking for a spiritual experience or in a Bwiti setting.

  • The aim of this project is to;

    Spread awareness about the most amazing tool to transform life on the planet, iboga(ine).
    Promote the safe use of iboga(ine)
    Advocate for Tabernanthe Iboga & Vocanga Africana cultivation
    Share information to “coach” others post iboga(ine) treatment
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